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Welcome To East Point Light House Craft Shop

East Point Craft Shop is housed in the former Fog Alarm building and offers books, music and crafts from some of the region’s finest artisans. We are proud to feature the work of over 60 Island producers. Make a stop on the deck to drink in the tranquility.

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East Point Craft Shop is proud to be a part of the Arts and Heritage Trail!

One of a kind quilt board icons have been developed by some participants in the Arts and Heritage Trail to add an “Art Identifier” to their property. They add another layer of Art to the PEI landscape and our culture.

Quilt Board trails are found in 22 states and 4 other provinces. Each trail has a specific purpose and art model. On PEI the purpose of quilt boards is to raise the profiles of the participating arts and cultural partners.

Source: www.artsandheritagepei.ca

A Day at East Point

My favorite place is located at the very eastern tip of Prince Edward Island, East Point. Occasionally I get there early enough to see a spectacular sunrise over the ocean, framed by the lighthouse itself. Because it’s always windy there, the water is choppy creating dramatic white caps. Some days I sit right at the tip and listen to the sound of the surf breaking on the rocks below and watch the dozen or so lobster boats that fish the Point. If I’m lucky, I’ll be treated to a flock of gannets as they trail a school of fish stirred up by the lobster boats. These majestic birds are a glistening white with black wing tips and a pale yellow head. When the gannets’ fish, they fly high, tuck their wings, and dive into the water with a tremendous splash. More entertainment is provided by the bank swallows as they swoop and soar, teasing any dog that wanders by. And I must not forget the antics of the fox pups as they wrestle and learn to hunt.

“A perfect day at East Point always has a perfect ending. After the crowds go home, I make myself a coffee and head out on the deck to sit in my bright red chair and wait for whatever else comes by to delight me.”

Nadine Robertson
Owner, East Point Craft Shop

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